"Thank you so much for our sessions. They were very powerful and healing. You have a way of reaching into your soul, transforming 'owies' into gems of light and insight, making way for positive transformations that affect every moment of every day for the rest of your life. "


"My session with Tammy was nothing short of amazing. She had such accurate insights into me on so many levels from the physical, emotional and also at a soul level, that it felt like having a conversation directly with God. Weeks later I'm still processing and shifting from her insights. It was one of the most profound experiences I've ever had with another human being and I am so grateful to her and touched by her gift."

Kalli D.

"Hi, my name is Taylor and I am 19 years old. I have been working with Tammy for about two years now. To me, traditional therapy has always been "well how do you really feel about it?", but Tammy incorporates so much more into it. Not only does Tammy help you talk about what's going on, she also helps you completely clear the problem to where it is no longer hurts to talk about. She reminds you that The Lord loves you and created you perfectly and that it is okay to set your burdens and worries at the cross and allow God to take care of them for you. Tammy has helped me get through many things, such as a silly bad day at school, being cheated on, and loving myself. I have always struggled with self doubt and loving myself, but Tammy has helped me completely turn that around. I am extremely thankful to work with her. She is very easy to talk to and has a very kind and loving heart."

Taylor R.

"I have worked with a lot of smart and wonderful teachers but Tammy Hiatt-Monaco is not another teacher. She is an energy charged conduit! She creates a powerful and fully open pipeline straight from the individual to their higher and better self; to their true potential.
I don't know quite how she does it but working with her has resulted in my finding a strong and powerful version of myself that I didn't even know existed.
I have gone from being fearful, confused and hesitant to being clear, passionate and confident to achieve my dreams. This change in myself is permanent and I can't wait to see what I'll accomplish. If you're interested in tapping your true potential-finding the best version of you to help with your career, marriage, family or just to be a lot happier-I would recommend giving Tammy a call and see what she's about."

Melissa Allison

"I have appreciated working with Tammy and experiencing her guidance and strong intuitive healing gifts which have helped me to heal and grow on an physical, emotional, and spiritual level. This work and journey has helped me rediscover and honor my true self, reconnect with source, and remind me that I need to focus on living as a "human being" instead of a "human doing". All of this has led to more abundance and increasing sense of peace and purpose, both as an individual and a business owner. "

Stuart M.

"Thx so very much for the free consultation. It was very helpful, insightful and right on target.
When I received the email for the consultation I reviewed the bios of the 3 practitioners and chose you. I connected with your pic but when I read your bio I had some concerns b/c you appeared to be so active/athletic and I'm a 67 yr old who doesn't have or make much time for physical activity mind willing, body not so much). I guess I was thinking we may not be a good fit but I was totally wrong about that. I'm glad I went with my first reaction and gut-level feeling b/c as I said above you were so very perfect for me.
I truly appreciate your time, not only for the consultation but for the insight you brought to our 'meeting'."

Mary Lou

"Thank you so much to be working with Stephanie through her back pain! We are so blessed by your gift of healing! Over 24 hours and PAIN FREE! I cried so many times yesterday, filled with joy and gratitude. She touched her toes yesterday for the first time in 2-1/2 years!"


"Tammy sees into your soul and is the perfect mentor as she helps restore perfect health and well-being while removing your blocks."

Kasey Capener

"When I started working with Tammy, I was a bit skeptical. Then, I started taking charge of my own life, getting the results I always knew were possible."

Bonnie Preston

CEO Mentoring For The Masters

"Wow, was I amazed, relieved and thankful that Tammy had the insight, wisdom and a method that worked for me!"

MaryAnn Bastian

Nurse Practitioner

There is hope. You can awaken your true potential.

You can thrive, celebrate, and transform your life.

"Hi, my name is Chelsea and I am 20 years old. I have been working with Tammy for about two years now. I was raped when I was fifteen years old and did a year of therapy when I was eighteen with little progress but that I had begun to get panic attacks. For a period of time I felt like my experience had consumed me and that I was then defined by it. Within three sessions of working with Tammy I was finally able to get to a point in which I was not thinking of the situation on a daily basis and often not even on a weekly basis. The panic attacks quickly decreased and I am confident that my experience is not who I am, but that my personal growth through it is what makes me proud of who I am today. Through my sessions over the years I have never felt forced to talk about the same situation over and over but rather moving past big and small situations, both good and bad, and trusting that they will work out perfectly how they should through Gods plan. I have found that working through things with Tammy has been much more successful for me than traditional therapy because I am able to resolve my worries with Tammy in a more spiritual way."

Chelsea R.

"Feedback: I was introduced to Tammy through a friend I had confided in. She highly recommended her amazing style of therapy to me. Within my first session I was amazed how much we were able to dive in and see what was going on and what steps we should take. I was able to release, understand and move forward with personal unresolved issues I was struggling with. Tammy is professional, personable, and punctual! Truly a god send!"

Ashley C.

"The consultation that I just received from Tammy was incredible. It was so accurate that all I needed to say during the reading was yes, in acknowledgement. She pinpointed every major issue that I am dealing with, with accuracy and vivid detail. I love her direct and clear approach to doing discovery consultations. Thanks!"